Patented Track Monorail

For heavy material handling, CCE proudly uses the Patented Track in overhead bridge crane designs, allowing for more mobility and safety. Some tracks have advanced into automatic control, as opposed to a manual movement system. Although both are still necessary today the future holds promise of even greater advancements in safety and ease of handling.

About The Patented Track

The Patented Track is a monorail track beam created from a “T” section and a running flange. In recent years a greater need has developed for transferring heavier loads over longer spans with a better rolling surface. The distinguishing feature of the Patented Track is the “hardness” of its load-bearing surface and the ability to curve without deformation of the beam’s load bearing surface.

The composition of our Patented Track is in accordance with the MMA specification utilizing a composite track section that incorporates a proprietary bottom flange shape. The truss of any crane or monorail system is the three-piece rail.